About This Project

When the Connecticut Tourism Board announced the state’s new motto, “It’s Still Revolutionary,” in the summer of 2012, CCSU Associate Professor Mary Collins, a professional travel writer, and Sal Lilienthal, the director and owner of the Bicycle Tour Company, approached the Upper Housatonic Valley Heritage Area and the Connecticut Historical Society about producing guided American Revolution-themed tours for the state. Unlike other historical guides currently on the market in Connecticut, this guide does not simply provide a short history on important sites. Instead, it connects the dots between various sites to build a narrative for each route.

Sal and Mary would like to thank the Upper Housatonic Valley Heritage Area, in particular Executive Director Dan Bolognani, for its support during the vital early stages of this project and for its financial contribution. We would also like to thank the Connecticut Historical Society, in particular Rebecca Furer, for agreeing to help distribute the tours throughout the state and for using its professional staff to vet the historical accuracy of the content.

Metta Rehnberg Delmore from the Roger Sherman Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution chapter helped us with our grant application for the national DAR chapter. Rod Waterman provided invaluable assistance for a CCSU/AAUP grant.


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